Thursday, November 14, 2013

Email 11/14/2013 Maybe the last Email from the CCM

Well this is my last week here in the CCM. I might be leaving anywhere from Friday to Tuesday but since I haven't been given an itinerary yet I have no idea. I'm actually really excited to go out in the mission field and teach the people of Ecuador. I'm also a bit nervous because I know the moment I step off the plane its going to feel like a new language. 
So far these last couple of days have just been a bunch of Spanish and review since the time is ticking down. Also our teacher Hermana Olmos left because of her schooling but she asked her old mission companion to teach for her. So that's pretty cool. Oh and she is the same age as my brother which is so weird to think about.(Happy Birthday Jordan, Ill send ya something nice once I'm in Ecuador). Then there is our other teacher Hermano Vera. He´s only been off his mission for 10 months, already has a wife and a baby on the way. He knows how to get work done hahaha. All our teachers are really cool and help us a ton.
So anyway today I went to the temple again. It was great because they finally got the new video in Spanish. That old one was pretty bad. Then after the temple me and Elder Rubisch did some laundry, bought snacks at La Tienda(which I had to spend my own money because the CCM won´t put more in my account) and now I´m emailing. Later we´ll have to teach another lesson as well.
So yeah all is well here as I'm sitting here emailing and drinking my orange Fanta. So what should I talk about. Oh I know I´ll talk about how my whole district has Diarrhea. It brings me so much joy to know that the code word (code Peach) means that someone has the runs. I have been lucky enough to not get that as well. And that´s the really weird thing to because I´m the one eating the stranger foods here in the CCM. Just the other day during our bathroom break we walked up to a stall that had poop everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE!!!! On the floor, on the seat. It was so horrible. When I beheld those horrors I almost puked. I actually feel bad for that poor soul.
Alright I´m really sorry about that last part but it is forever imprinted in my brain. Okay lets talk about the weather. Its usually really nice here but yesterday was the coldest day. I wore my long sleeves, my sweater, and my suit jacket and I was still freezing. The CCM even gave everyone 2 more blankets.
Once again its really good to hear from everyone and I hope everyone is doing good. Especially Baby Ridge, Jordan as you come up on your graduation (wish I could be there for ya) and my mom having surgery. I always think about everyone back home. Once I'm in Ecuador I´ll start sending stuff when i can. 
If anyone was wondering how long packages take its about 2 weeks, as well as letters.
Love all of you and pray for the best

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