Monday, April 27, 2015

Email 04/27/2015 No More POOP!

  Well I have to say this week I don't have another story about pooping, sorry. But we did walk past the same area and they are now building a house in that same spot......I felt so embarrassed, because they had to have seen it and thought,"that's was no dog." Oh well that's life, sometimes you build your house in  poopy location. Anyways besides that this week was pretty good.
    My companion and I have been working really hard to find some new people and its going slow but I know the Lord has something prepared for us. Oh and my companion and I got hit by the giggles....... You know, when you start to laugh uncontrollably and can't stop, ya now you remember. So we were in a lesson with this one guy who recently had a serious eye surgery and we just bust out laughing....... AT NOTHING........My companion was laughing so hard that he had to leave the room for a while, then after a short time he came back. Unfortunately when he came back, he started back up again and had to leave the room once again. So in that lesson I pretty much taught the whole thing by myself but thats alright. That whole experience made me think of the times I was in church with my brother and we would start laughing uncontrollably. 
    Well honestly that's about all that has happened this week. Oh today as a district we went to hang out at this one members house. Man let me tell you this man is so rich. We were all playing pool, fusball, and we played soccer in his soccer field.....Yeah he has his own soccer field. It was fun.
Well thats all for this week folks.

Love ya bunches.

Elder Rodriguez

P.S: Had an experience with the 3 Nephites this week, but I'll let ya all know next week.....

My Zone....I'm short.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Email 04/20/2015 Here's a Poop Story for ya

    Well first off, I'm all good here. My companion and I are working very hard here in the sector and we are seeing alot of progress. Luckly my companion is a really good guy and we are always laughing while we are working. So that's all good.
    Okay so as embarrassing as it is I would like to share a ppo story with everyone. So the other day my companion and I went contacting and we were contacting well, with 2 new people and we were still going. Then suddenly as we were contacting one old man something just dropped in my stomach. A severe pain emerged from the darkest depths of my stomach and I instantly thought, "I need to poop NOW"... but unfortunately we were contacting a man and getting to know him the very first time so I knew I couldn't ask him for his bathroom. so I cut it short and started to walk as fast as I could. The distance from our house was about 20 minutes away sprinting....I thought about it, but decided I couldn't run at this crucial time or something would creep its way out. I looked frantically as I walked if there was any hope of a bathroom nearby..........There wasn't. So I yelled at my companion to hold on and wait as I jumped into a nearby cornfield.....Then I did my business and lets just say that World War 3 went down. Then while i was finishing up the thought entered in my mind. I DONT HAVE ANY PAPER!!!!!!!! So once again I looked around frantically, nothing but cornstock leaves and they have a bunch of splinters on them so that was a clear NO. I decided that I have to face the facts and use my hand.......No no that was a joke I would never use my hand hahahahah. But I did pull up my pants and waddled home with shame....
   Well tuat was my true story, sorry if it grossed you out but life is filled with ugly truths.
Anyway besides that everything is all good here. I'll send some picks.

LOVE YA ALL!!!!!!!

Elder Rodriguez 

P.S. We went bowling today...It was fun! 

Well I hope you can see but there is another Volcano in the distance, it's not the same one as the last time.   

Lunch time at a restaurant with my Companion.

Underwater shot with some of my district. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Email 04/13/2015 Where am I?

   Well I'm here now in a place called Calderon, its about a half an hour away from my last sector but it's super different. Here our sector it huge and it's all dirt.....Fun stuff...Well my companion is Elder Roberts (he's from Minnesota) He's an alright guy with only 2 months in the mission so he needs alot of my help. Luckly in my district I have Elder Leong (he used to be my companion in Imbabura), and Elder Urqueta (he was my first District leader but now I'm his leader). The district is pretty cool and the ward for the most part is pretty cool also. So now I'm getting used to everything here but I still miss my old sector a bunch. 
   Well I have to say that this week was filled with adventures.....First of one of the companionships had a baptism this week so we went over to the chapel to fill up the baptismal font. Now all of the baptismal fonts I have filled up before have a certain point were the water just stops.....Well this one didn't, and we left the water going for 4 hours. So when we returned with an hour left until the baptism we returned to a flooded church building.....Whoops! Anyway somehow we got the flooded church cleaned up just in time for the baptism and everything went according to plan. So now all the missionaries are joking around that that day we had 2 baptisms, one was a little old lady and the other was the church. 
   And as I got to my sector my companion expressed to me how he was really sad that they hadn't had anyone attending church for over 3 weeks and had nobody progressing toward a baptismal date. Well this week we found 11 new investigators, 8 of which attended church and 2 of which have a baptismal date for the 2nd of May. DOING WORK.
  Anyways I feel a little bit better now. So thanks for all the support. I'll send some pics.

Elder Rodriguez

Volcano in the distance. On a clear day in my sector we can see 3 Volcanos.

My new companion Elder Roberts and I. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Email 04/06/2015 It's Been a While, and There Were Changes

    Well first of all I want to say sorry I haven't been able to write for a while. The first time I didn't write was because I went to visit a little girl in the hospital that was asking for us. I'll send pics. She had a really bad infection and was in the hospital for over a week but now she's back home and healthy. Oh and the second week I wasn't able to write because I had no money. Between my companion and I we had 1 dollar.......It was a fun time being poor ;). 
    Well in the weeks that have past everything was going really well, except the money situation, but everything was all good. I got a cool package from my Dad (Thanks POP). And we had 5 people progressing toward their baptismal date........But then everything all changed.
On Saturday and Sunday we watched conference and it was so good. But on Sunday night we received the changes. About a week before changes I talked with the Mission president expressing to him that I really wanted to stay in my sector and with my companion to see all the fruits of our hard work. Then on Sunday night we received the call that they would close our sector, leaving all the people who were progressing in the dust and that they would reunite the 2 zones to make one giant zone.....When the members found out a whole bunch of them came to our house crying there eyes out and begging us not to go.....And as they joined the 2 zones together  the mission isn't in need of as much zone leaders so I got dropped to be a district leader again with a new companion. His name is Elder Roberts and all they told me about him is that I need alot of patience......I have never felt like crying so much in my whole mission....It truely sucks right now, but I know the Lord will make everything alright and that he truely has the eternal perspective. 
   Well Ill send some picks of our new adventures.

Until next time

Elder Rodriguez


My New Suit.

My Restaurant. 

Visiting Nicole in Hospital (10 yrs old). 

It's pronounced Fosh....I don't know what it means.

The Family that cried for us.

And they came to see us Sunday night after they heard we were leaving.

One of our BEST Mamitas. 

The BEST Ward Mission Leader ever! Brother Luis Simbana. 

The last Zone picture of Zona Ofelia. 

Bond. James Bond (I had to sneak one in there)