Monday, March 30, 2015

Email 03/30/2015 I'm Good...just really poor.

Last Monday 3/23/15 I couldn't write because we went to visit a little girl who asked for us to visit. She was in the hospital for 5 days and was only asking for us to visit. And this week I'm only writing you, Mom because I don't have any money to write for more that 5 minutes. Tell everyone that I'm good just really poor. Bye until next Monday. Oh and yes I'm excited for conference.

Love ya

Elder Rodriguez

Monday, March 16, 2015

Email 03/16/2015 Spidersenses Tingling

   Well Hello eveyone, i hope that everyone had a fine week.
   Oh and Happy Saint Patricks Day......I think, I don't really know to be telling the truth, but shout out to my Uncle John, and also to my Uncle Ruben who just had theirs Birthdays. Have a good one.
  Well this week wasn't the best but we are working. For 2 days straight we didn't work at all. One day we went to the hospital for my companion cuz he has bad acne but he's working on it. The other day my companion was sick all day so that was fun......I guess. 
    So then one day at the end of the day we returned back to our house at 9. Now I went straight for the bathroom cuz some lady gave us a bunch of empanadas. So then I finished up in the bathroom and was leaving the room when I saw the biggest spider on the floor right in the middle of our bedroom..............It wasn't cool. So we killed that sucker with my shoe. The worst part about it is wedon't  know how it got in....Oh and also we live in the city, there shouldn't be giant freaken spiders!
    Anyways besides that we have a family that we are working with who have a baptismal date for the 28th of this month. They are a super powerful family that was truely prepared by the Lord. And this family always invites us to eat, I swear I can't eat anymore. It's delicious but it's just too much hahaha.
   Yeah so that is really about it. I don't have pics of my new suit this week cuz my pants are still being hemmed but I did buy some new shoes today that I desperatly needed, so I'll send some pics.

Love ya all Choi Choi un abrazo!


Elder Rodriguez

Our GIANT freaked spider

My companion colored his hair again with a marker but it wasn't the right shade of black.

My Zone.

At the Hospital.

My new kicks. 

Me just goofing around. 

Well my companion thought it was too good to pass up. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Email 03/09/2015 Mission Council with President

   Well Hello everyone!!!!! How's it going there in the states?
   Well this week was really good for all of us. This week on Tuesday we had another Mission Council with only the leaders of the mission. And boy was it a good one.
    So the President of the mission pretty much asked each and everyone of us "What the heck is going on". So it looks like our mission isn't doing so good in baptisms right now so  he gave us the old Machete, and cut off our heads haha. Then he asked us how we would feel if the shortened our time to write our families from 2 hoours to an hour and a half. Well I think you can all imagine we didn't like that too much. So i don't know if he's gonna change that rule or not, but let it be the Lords will and not mine.
   Anyway after that council we had to take it back to our zone and spread the news. But he had the best mini conference in our zone. It was really tricky because pretty much all the news from the council was bad news but we didn't want to discourage the missionaries so we did a bunch of small games and used a bunch of videos. But it was all good and our zone did the best they had done in a long time.
   Well unfortunately that is about all we did this week besides working our butts off everyday. But we finally have a lot of investagators progressing and we even have a family with a baptismal date so we are stoked for this month. And I feel that the Lord is really reaching out for us in these past few days. In almost every lesson that we have at least one person cry. It's truly amazing to see the Lord working in the lives of others.
   Well that's about it for now. Sorry the letter of the week wasn't longer but I'll write more this next week. Oh I bought a new suit, but I'll send pics next week.

yup that's all folks 
Love ya all

Elder Rodriguez 

My big nose and a Unicorn in the background.

I think I can be a model.

My area in the background.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Email 03/02/2015 Going Bald??

   Well hello everyone how are things? Well I hope all is well, here everything is going just dandy.
   Well as I wrote in my last email, I have a new companion. His name is Elder Garcia, he's from Chile and he's a pretty chill guy. But he's kinda weird too. So my companion is going bald so every morning he colors in the parts on his head were he's thinning out. But he paints it with a Whiteboard marker........So that's why he's weird but other than that he's a lot better than my last companion.
   Anyway this week was pretty good. We have not had too much success this week but then again I was showing him around his new sector here in Ofelia. Then some Sister missionaries had a baptism so I finally got to try out the waterproof part of my camera. But we decided to make a joke out of it. 
   So the day of the baptism the Sister missionaries were all stressed out, preparing everything so we made a little plan. I had my companion standing next to the baptismal font and he asked me for my camera. Well I said okay and toss my camera to him but he doesn't catch it. Just let it go straight into the water. The sister misisonaries were freaking out. But it was a good time.
  Oh so with the changes of last week practically my whole zone was changed. But thankfully everyone in the zone are chill missionaries and also hardworking.
Well thats all for now. Not too much excitement this week but I'll keep ya posted.

Love ya all

Elder Rodriguez 

P.S. I found out Elder Kerby (from Queencreek Arizona) decided to go home on the 22nd of September also. So we'll be flying into Arizona in style.

Dead RAT on the wall at a converts house.

Pictures from under the water. The other guy is my companion.