Monday, June 29, 2015

Email 06/29/2015 Patience is a Godly Virtue

Well this week has been a trial. I honestly feel the urge sometimes to just leave my companion alone at a bus stop or something just to get rid of him. Now I know that's not nice and I'm surely not going to do it but, sometimes I like to think about it.
    Anyway, this week has been a bit difficult for us and  especially me. I have now entered into my last 12 weeks in the mission. I want to work hard and yet my situation doesn't permit me to do that. This week we only had one lesson everyday because everysingle day we had a meeting...And my companion has become my echo...He literally repeats everything I say now. 
   Oh and this week there were a couple of deaths in the mission (not literally). When a missionary goes home it is known as his or her death. One of my buddies Elder Urquieta (he's from Bolivia) and Sister Fernilius (she's from Las Vegas) finished their missions this week. They were both in my district. And the funny thing is that when I started my mission Elder Urquieta was my District leader, and now he died as I was his district leader. 
   So in 12 more weeks that will be me (I'm so tronkie right now). Oh and we had changes. I didn't have any changes and neither did my companion but they did reunite the 2 zones together, so now we are huge!!
  Aaaaand thats about it. I think in the middle of this change I'm going to ask if I could ge changed to the Jungles so I can see how that is. 

PEACE and LOVE to all
Choi Choi

Elder Rodriguez

PS: Well I wanted to send pictures this week cuz I have a bunch.....But he dumb computer won't let me...So until next time. Stay tuned in.


Monday, June 22, 2015

Email 06/22/2015 Hot Water

Well HELLO from Ecuador!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   So this week I had a real desire to get down to the needy greedy in the Work of the Lord, and now we are seeing some of the fruits of our labors here in Calderon. 
      Anyway I should probably start from the beginning of the week. Lets start with my companion. So up untill this point my companion has had a really really slow progress in his teaching, so as you can imagine I was a bit stressed. So as a missionary not knowing what exactly to do I took the matter to the Lord in a prayer. And I have to tell ya all I had the weirdest feeling afterward. Right after the prayer I had a distinct impression that I should no longer give my companion the opportunity to teach in the lessons......AND IT WORKED!!! Now in the lessons he is fighting to participate and teach rather than only wait for me to tell him when like before. So we have had a real breakthrough with that. 
     Now with my companion progressing I am stressing alot less and we are working alot more effectively. Infact this week we were teaching a family that we have had for a while now and they finally accepted a baptismal date. The family of 4 should be baptized on the 17 of July. If everything goes according to plan. 
     Well besides that, I had divisions this week with one of my zone leaders Elder Gallardo (he's from Argentina) and his other companion Elder Keyes (he's from Utah). The divisions went great but the best thing about it was that under there apartment a member opened a small restaurant. And that member just happens to be one of my favorite members from my old sector. So it was super awesome to talk to her and hear about the old ward and all her family. The only sad part  was that when she saw me she began to cry and she kept asking me why they took missionaries out of that sector. But it was great to see here and also her husband. 
    Then this week there was a baptism. The sister missionaries have been working hard with a family of less active members and were able to baptize one of the sons too. His name is Ronnie Reyes, he's a cool little 9 year old. It was great because I was able to interview him this last week and he asked me if I would baptize him. I said of course and he was stoked. Well finally there is hot water for the baptisms but this time as we entered into the water, it was burning hot. He just kept saying it burns it burns hahah. But the second that he went under and came back up all he said was,¨ I thought it was too hot, but it was perfect.¨ MIRACLE!!! haha. So that's all with this week. After the next week I will be entering my last 12 weeks in the mission field.

Tha-tha-thats all Folks
LOVE ya all 
Elder Rodriguez

Sorry my companion doesn't know how to work a camera, and we don't know how to look at one.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Email 06/15/2015 One Long Week

Well like the title says, this week has been a long one. This week has been filled with alot of travelling, meetings and spending money which I don't have.
    So I have realized that in my sector we need some new investigators, cuz the ones we have right now don't really want to progress. So in my prayers I have been asking alot for more desire to get out and contact more. This week I finally have gained the desire to contact.....Problem is that we didn't have anytime to do it. This week I had to go to Quito for my companion to get his visa, then there was a baptism in the district (yaaaay) and also there were some emergency changes. I'm still in the same area with my same companion but we were with another missionary for a day in his sector. 
      I'm frustrated.............................................................................................
   But the good news is that today we all went to the Middle of the World again as a district. We had a blast hanging out there and messing with the statues that we weren't supposed to be touching.
 Whelp thats it. 
3 maises mas

Elder Rodriguez

In the dark planetarium with the homies

The nails aren't even touching the ball!!!!!!

Sometimes I think he's a child (my companion). 

Round 2 in the Middle of the World.

View from the top.

Oh don't fall.

He was teaching me how to dance.

She didn't want anything to do with the gospel.

She's gonna get baptized! I just know it.

I don't know why he was so mad.

Ghost man. 

Chill time round 2

He punched me right in the, you know where.

I got hungry then I got stuck.

Just the district attacking Elder Mott.

After almost 2 years in Ecuador I finally saw a flippen Llama.

The sign says that I should'nt touch....I don't care.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Email 06/08/2015 What Week?

Well Hello there everyone who is in the states!!!! Hope everyone is good out there and always thinking about me (WHATTTT??). I'm okay here in Ecuador, this week I caught a bit of a cold but for the most part I'm still alive.
  So this week was a bit tough for me here in Calderon. Every single night we had meetings at church and most of our investigators are only at home during the night, so that made it really hard to work. Sobecause  of that I was a bit bumbed, but then I decided that I needed to find more people who are at home during the day. And thats exactly what I did. I got out there and when to a street called California street, and found a lady who didn't want anytrhing to do with us, and I told her that we want to share a message, to which she replied, "no!". Then I said we are coming back tomorrow and you better be here. The next day we went back, she was there, and she listened to our message. The next appointment we have with her is this Tuesday. AND THAT IS HOW ITS DONE!!!!!!
   Okay, so besides that nothing more happened except I think I might kill my companion. I don't know what he does in there, the bathroom but when I go in there is always pee on the floor and on the seat. So if on the news you hear that a missionary was killed in Ecuador......You all know who did it.
  Oh and I have to tell you all about Sunday. So this last Sunday at church was fast Sunday (for those nonmormon: during the first meeting of the month whatever person can go up and share there testimonies and experiences) so this sunday I felt prompted to go up and share my testimony about missionary work (original right?)  Anyway in our sector recently we have been guided alot to people who really need us, and in almost in every lesson the families are crying because they feel the spirit so much. So I shared that in my testimony but with a little joke to keep everyone on there toes, which went a little like this, "when most of the time we visit all of you, you cry. Now I don't know if our messages are really bad or if its the spirit but seeing that none of you have thrown us out, I think its the spirit." Now with that I hit a home run, everyone was laughing but the spirit was felt really strong. So I end and go back to my seat. Then my companion goes us and shares the same testimony with the same joke. I MEAN WORD FOR WORD, and the other missionaries there were thinking the same thing as I was, What the HECK.
    So my companion is a freak......
Have a nice WEEK!
LOVE ya all

Elder Rodriguez

 P.S.  I taught my companion how to tie a tie.... He failed  

I forgot to tell everyone that this last week as missionaries we did an activity to say thanks to the bishopric so we drew them some posters. Aaaanndd of course I was the one drawing so I made it fun and made the bishop punching satan right in the mouth it was awesome. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Email 06/01/2015 Cold Waters

Hello there Everybody, how was your week? Well mine was alright, really stressful but good.
   First things first, we had a baptism. So after months and months Mishell finally accepted to be baptized and everything was great. She has always had a fear of being baptized but she finally felt an answer from our Heavenly Father. She is an 18 year old girl who has one of the strongest testimonies I have ever seen. So I'll tell ya about the baptism. Anyway her baptism was scheduled at 11 in the morning so I woke up early to go to the church to fill up the baptismal faunt. Previously the church washaving  problems getting hot water so I thought ahead and brought some pots to heat up water and throw in. Then when we get there the faucet to turn on the water in the faunt didn't work...................So three hours later and a million buckets of water we finally filled up the faunt by hand. And after some time everyone started to show up so we began. It was awesome because earlier I called President Richardson to ask permision so that my old companion Elder Roberts could come and see the baptism too. Anyway the baptism went great, even though the water was arctic cold and one little girl was crying because she thought Mishelle was going to drown in the water.
But it was a success!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   Anyways besides that my week was pretty normal. On Tuesday I did have divisions with Elder Wright (he's from my group) and we were pretty much talking about video games all day while working. Oh and on Saturday my companion was whining about his kidneys so we ended the day early. And it turned out that he really did have pain in his kidneys because later on he was peeing blood............Fun stuff! 
  So that brings us to today. We went bowling as a District. Oh and Elder Mott (he's a huge guy) made the craziest shot I have ever seen. So while he plays he just chucks the bowling ball with all his might. And one time there was only one pin left right in the middle so he just chucks the ball and it goes straight into the gutter....But then while the ball got closer to the end it just flies out of the gutter and strikes the pin out. It was very impresive.

So thats all I got for ya all.

Elder Rodriguez

My eye.

The new note book I made. Jesus is saying "that's how I saved the world". 

My dirty desk.

One of our investigators with a wig on.

These are pictures of the baptism we just had, her name is Mishelle Cuaran and she's a trooper.

This is Marcela, the niece of Mishelle. She told me not to leave the sector because she likes me.

Elder Wright. He's from my group.