Monday, September 14, 2015

Email 09/14/2015 The LAST One

Well this is my LAST week. This is my LAST email. In my LAST area. With my LAST companion.
    The time here in Ecuador has been really great and I would'nt change these experiences for the world. But lets talk about this last week that we just had.
   So this last week was like this: Walk, Teach, Eat, Repeat......I think that I have gained more weight in this last week than I have in all my mission combined. But I just love the people here. They are all sad that I am leaving and I am sad to be leaving them. I love the ecuadorean people.....Well some anyway hahahahha. 
  Oh and if you didn't know thevolcano hasn't blown up yet but it looks like its getting worse. I hope I'm in the plane watching as it blows up, that would be cool.
  Ha yeah so anyways all is good here and now I don't have much more to say. I'm excited to see everyone again and I can't wait, but I am also gonna miss thisa lot
Love Ya ALL 

Elder Rodriguez

Volcano Cotopaxi heaten things up. 

Just me! 

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