Friday, October 18, 2013

Email 10/17/2013

Well I just finished my first week here in the MTC or as we call it here the CCM. I have no idea what that translates to in English. The first day was really weird. Me and my companion Elder Rubisch (which I'm related to by marriage) just had a bunch of meetings. And so far surprisingly the food here is great. I usually eat way more than most of the Elders in my district. The worst food so far was the pizza hahaha. So everyday we wake up at 6:30 AM. Fight for the shower then off to breakfast. After breakfast our day pretty much consists of learning Spanish until lunch. It's kinda weird because as I sit here typing I'm finding it hard to think in all English. It's pretty amazing that I can understand the majority of Spanish conversations. On my second day me and my companion had to teach our first lesson to a man named Milton. It was all in Spanish. Everyday here is really cool. This CCM is amazingly beautiful. It's like a bubble in the middle of chaotic Mexico City. Surrounding the CCM are hills covered in shanty homes. It's a surreal view. And every hour on the hour some guy in the village shoots this huge cannon. It's so loud!! Anyway, my companion and I get along very well, he's a cool guy. Actually my whole district is really cool. When we play sports they always call me Sneaky Rod....I don't know why. Our dorms are cool, there are three rooms in every dorm. Me and my companion are in one room. Then right next to us is Elder Parsons and Elder Linderman. The room has some Latinos but we don't see much of them. This CCM is sweet because they have a tienda were I always buy these cookies and they are so good. Well earlier today we went to the temple, it's amazing. It was a great experience to have that break for us. Between learning Spanish, teaching Milton and eating we don't have time to do anything else. Well all I have left to say is I miss everyone and love you all. I'm having a great time here but just pray for me that I learn the language better, that I may speak it fluently. Thank you so much and love ya!

Elder Rodriguez

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