Thursday, October 24, 2013

Finally P-Day Email 10/24/2013

Alright this week has felt like forever and at the same time its speeding by. I sent multiple pictures containing what it looks like here in the CCM part of my visit to the temple last Thursday, the earthquake circle and me after my new haircut. Oh yeah I got a haircut today and it was super sketchy since all the ladies don't speak English. I have seen some pretty bad haircuts come out of there so I was really worried. But the lady did a good job. And since I felt bad that we cant give tips i sweep up their whole floor. SERVICE BABY.
 This week has been a lot of fun but also really challenging. Most days we teach lessons to two people only using Spanish and for some reason I have been just freezing up. And yesterday we taught a old little Mexican lady and I felt like I was utterly demolished during the lesson. I didn't say more than a sentence the whole lesson. The only thing I said was, "My life is hard because my father is not a member". That was a lie my life is easy. I just had no idea what to say, I was lost. Every word she said just bounced off my head into oblivion. Even my companion said barely anything in that lesson.hahahahah It was bad. Luckily we were doing like a coop teaching with some Hermana's in our district and they totally saved us. Both me and my companion have kinda struggled this week, spiritually. I even fasted for a day but I'm just finding it hard to teach with the companionship of the spirit.
But I know as I stay faithful and put my shoulder to the wheel, Heavenly Father will help me out. anyway last Tuesday we had a devotional by an Elder Lester Johnson from the seventy. It was nice of him to come down and speak to us. He was hilarious and was really inspiring with the whole language thing.
Evey day I spend roughly 16 hours teaching, reading my scriptures and studying Spanish. Everyday I'm finding my knowledge of Spanish increase and I can say more.Its truly   a blessing. Its funny because any latino that sees my last name asks if I speak spanish. So i obviously say no. Then they ask which one of my parents are Mexican. So i tell then neither then I have to explain my heritage. Its annoying but they always light up when they see my last name. I enjoy it because I get to use my spanish.
 Uhh okay weather. The last two days it has rained. And thats not bad, Im not complaining but it did suck when the second I use my umbrella the first time, it flipped inside-out bending the bars. So now I have to bunch up with Elder Rubisch. Im sure he doesnt mind but it does kinda suck. Oh and its getting freaken cold here. Im so happy I bought that sweater, its a lifesaver.
It blows my mind to think that the CCM experience is going by so fast. It is the wierdest experience seeing new missionaries come in and think "I was like that a week ago. I had no idea what to do or say just like them".

 Well anyway what else......... Oh today we are going to play baseball with our whole district. Our district president, Presidente Torres( a fat little man with the funniest baby face) invited us to play some ball with his 8 yearold son. Im super excited and everytime Presidente Torres talks about it his face lights up.
The food here is still good and now they have SALT!!! I have never been so happy to see salt in my whole life. I have been getting more sleep every night also. I think its just out of exuastion. But Im glad that i can fall asleep fast becuase those crazy Latinos have parties every night. I know Im gonna have to join them one of these nights.
Every now and then I get a littile home sick just when someone reminds me of someone back home, but Im good. Im doing great here and I love the mission life.
I have the greastest time just buying stuff at la tienda. I feel like a rich man with all these pasos. If your wondering it takes about 13 pesos to equal 1 dollar. And almost everything in La Tienda costs only 8 pesos.
If anyone wants to send me something in the mail that would be great. Just dont send it through UPS for some reason they have problems with that. If you need to know my adress just ask my mom at 
Please also send me lots of emails I really enjoy seeing how everyone is doing and how the world is moving on with out me :)
I really miss all my friends and family (especialmente mi madre) and I hope everyone it doing okay.
 With much love- Elder Rodriguez

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