Monday, July 14, 2014

Email 07/14/2014 it's going GOOD!

Well I have to say that this week was awesome. We worked our butts off but my companion and I are feeling great. 
Lets start with talking about the people i'm serving first. This week we are expecting the baptism of 6 people. One family and a young man. For the family they need to get their papers first to be married so we have been praying hard for them, but they are super great. The young man is a golden investigator who found us and wants to be a missionary.
   The Elders in my district are all having success now. Oh also the Elders who weren't calling me are calling me now. Its because I had to unleash the machete on them. I went to there house super early in the morning one day and woke them up. Told them to get ready with all their stuff and said lets go. So then we walked to the nearest phone booth and I made them call my cell phone. With that I showed them that my cell works and thier phone works so no excuses. And thats how you machete someone. BOOM. Haha anyway everyone is doing super great. Its kinda annoying because I always have to travel to the other sectors to interview people for baptisms but its alright. Oh so this week I interviewed a 10 year old and one of the questions was if he had ever committed a serious crime. He told me one time he went to the river to swim without his mothers permission but he feels bad. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 
   Okay okay what else. I don't really have much else to report. And no pictures. But I do have the announcement that my BIRTHDAY is coming up so feel free to show your charity and love for me.
Oh and a Shout out to Ryan James and the goon squad for what they wrote this week, Thanks.
Well thats all folks love ya all


Elder Rodriguez

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