Monday, July 21, 2014

Email 07/21/2014 Weird week in Esmeraldas

So lets start this baby off in the beginning with Monday.
I got a haircut Monday......
Okay on Tuesday I had divisions with the famous Elder Kerby (from Arizona) and we had a small but cool day. We got free oranges then we had to travel to some other Elders because one of them was practically on his death bed hahaha. It was a fellow Gringo named Elder Dalton (from Utah). So that was our day in short for Tuesday, which ended with Elder Kerby having emergency changes to San Rafeal because one of the Elders there went to the beach...... It was my old pal Elder Rojas who went to the beach and got on a horse. So he got sent to Quito to be close with the president for a while.
  And that brings us to Wednesday when all the new things came in for the houses. So that meant that we were carrying heavy things up alot of 3 story buildings. Well you know how much I like moving things right? Fun stuff. So my companion and I finally got fans in our house and a new Fridge also. We just a bit too lazy to move the fridge to the kitchen so as of now its plugged in and sitting in the middle of the house.
  Thursday we had meetings with the President. Not to much to say there.
  Then Friday we had Divisions yet again. I went to a new area and spent the day with Elder Dalton. He's a cool guy that knows way to much about cars and how to build stuff. But it was a fun change and we even set a baptismal date for one of their investigators that has been investagating the church for years. I heard in all this time, that was the first time he accepted a date. Ahhhhhhh Yeah PODEROSO
  And Saturday.... Oh Saturday was a long day for me. First we had 4 baptisms. WHAT? Oh yeah you read correctly. We baptized 3 of the children from the Zamora Family and a studd named Jose. They will all make faithful members in the church and the boys already are looking into serving missions. Then that night I got sick.......... Really sick. Like it was coming out of both ends. It was horrible. I almost felt like walking myself to the hospital. And that night I didn't sleep at all. Pity Party.
  Then Sunday we watched our new converts recieve the Holy Ghost and become priesthood men. It was awsome for me and my weak stomach. So yeah that's all for this week. I'm fine now. 100%. Hope you all had a good week love ya lots and remember my birthday. Remember to donate to the childrens fund, all proceeds go to Elder Rodriguez.... I'm kidding. Thanks for all the support family and friends.
Enjoy your week.


Elder Rodriguez

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