Monday, March 16, 2015

Email 03/16/2015 Spidersenses Tingling

   Well Hello eveyone, i hope that everyone had a fine week.
   Oh and Happy Saint Patricks Day......I think, I don't really know to be telling the truth, but shout out to my Uncle John, and also to my Uncle Ruben who just had theirs Birthdays. Have a good one.
  Well this week wasn't the best but we are working. For 2 days straight we didn't work at all. One day we went to the hospital for my companion cuz he has bad acne but he's working on it. The other day my companion was sick all day so that was fun......I guess. 
    So then one day at the end of the day we returned back to our house at 9. Now I went straight for the bathroom cuz some lady gave us a bunch of empanadas. So then I finished up in the bathroom and was leaving the room when I saw the biggest spider on the floor right in the middle of our bedroom..............It wasn't cool. So we killed that sucker with my shoe. The worst part about it is wedon't  know how it got in....Oh and also we live in the city, there shouldn't be giant freaken spiders!
    Anyways besides that we have a family that we are working with who have a baptismal date for the 28th of this month. They are a super powerful family that was truely prepared by the Lord. And this family always invites us to eat, I swear I can't eat anymore. It's delicious but it's just too much hahaha.
   Yeah so that is really about it. I don't have pics of my new suit this week cuz my pants are still being hemmed but I did buy some new shoes today that I desperatly needed, so I'll send some pics.

Love ya all Choi Choi un abrazo!


Elder Rodriguez

Our GIANT freaked spider

My companion colored his hair again with a marker but it wasn't the right shade of black.

My Zone.

At the Hospital.

My new kicks. 

Me just goofing around. 

Well my companion thought it was too good to pass up. 

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