Monday, March 9, 2015

Email 03/09/2015 Mission Council with President

   Well Hello everyone!!!!! How's it going there in the states?
   Well this week was really good for all of us. This week on Tuesday we had another Mission Council with only the leaders of the mission. And boy was it a good one.
    So the President of the mission pretty much asked each and everyone of us "What the heck is going on". So it looks like our mission isn't doing so good in baptisms right now so  he gave us the old Machete, and cut off our heads haha. Then he asked us how we would feel if the shortened our time to write our families from 2 hoours to an hour and a half. Well I think you can all imagine we didn't like that too much. So i don't know if he's gonna change that rule or not, but let it be the Lords will and not mine.
   Anyway after that council we had to take it back to our zone and spread the news. But he had the best mini conference in our zone. It was really tricky because pretty much all the news from the council was bad news but we didn't want to discourage the missionaries so we did a bunch of small games and used a bunch of videos. But it was all good and our zone did the best they had done in a long time.
   Well unfortunately that is about all we did this week besides working our butts off everyday. But we finally have a lot of investagators progressing and we even have a family with a baptismal date so we are stoked for this month. And I feel that the Lord is really reaching out for us in these past few days. In almost every lesson that we have at least one person cry. It's truly amazing to see the Lord working in the lives of others.
   Well that's about it for now. Sorry the letter of the week wasn't longer but I'll write more this next week. Oh I bought a new suit, but I'll send pics next week.

yup that's all folks 
Love ya all

Elder Rodriguez 

My big nose and a Unicorn in the background.

I think I can be a model.

My area in the background.

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