Monday, August 10, 2015

Email 08/10/2015 Dying in Calderon

Well hello everybody!!!!! So this week we had changes.(my last one) but I'll tell you guys what happened in the end. 
   Let's start from the beginning of this week. 
 So Monday a couples elders and i went to Quito to the offices to eat. We ended up eating Subway and it was great. Everyone ate a turkey sandwich but I decided to eat a Meatball sub....Bad idea.
  Tuesday, my birthday, I spent it inside our apartment puking my guts out. FOOD POISINING. Its was terrible because the nurse said I had to go on a 24 hour liquid diet....for those of you that don't know me so well I actually really like eating, especially on my birthday. So that's how I spent my birthday; in bed, puking, and only drinking gatorade. Fun stuff right?
    Fortunately the family that gives us lunch on Tuesday brought our food to the house. She cook some fried chicken for us and I was so excited to eat it for breakfast the next day. So on Wednesday I wake up with my empty stomach and I'm running to the fridge super excited like a kid on Christmas morning. I open the fridge's not there? So I go to my companion and ask what in the world has happened........He ate my birthday lunch........I was crushed. Feeling like someone had died I ask "why would you do that," to which he cold replied,"it was going to go bad." I have to be honest with all of you at this point in my mission....That was the closest I have ever been to crying over food and the closest I have ever been to punching a companion straight in the face. 
   Fortunately Wednesday got a little bit better. So I bought some anti-nausea pills so that I was able to eat and we headed out for lunch. The Benecazar family (maybe the most charitable and richest family in Ecuador) bought me Papa John´s pizza and a cookie cake. It was so kind and I got to share it with another companionship too which was also great. 
   Now in Latin America they have a birthday tradition here in which the birthday boy takes the first bite of cake, and when they go in for the bite, another person slams the birthday boy´s face into the cake. Elder Castro (he's from Ecuador) is very aggresive with this tradition. He slammed my face down so hard my teeth went straight to the bottom and I ate more table than cake. After that we went to do a service activity inwhich I went to hard and got sick again. 
  Then Thursday came and the zone had another cake for me. In Which Elder Castro also slammed my face into....I had cake in my eyes hahahahaha.
   But my birthday was great and one family bought my a really nice watch and another family custom made me some crazy socks.
   Okay, now for changes, the Last changes. I finished the training of Elder Flores and now he's off the Ibarra (the mountains). I'm still here in Calderon, which makes Calderon my barial spot. AAAAAAnd now I'm going to train AGAIN NOOOOOONONONOOONONONONOOOOO. I'm not really happy about that but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do brotha........ 
I'll send pics next week sorry, 

Love ya ALL

Elder Rodriguez

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