Monday, August 17, 2015

Email 08/17/2015 Giving Light

Well like I said the last week.....I'm training again. So I got my new companion (last companion) Elder Zapana. He's from Peru and he's a real cool guy. Its weird because he is like my last companion in the fact that I was in the mission when he was baptized.
    So far we have been getting along great and we are always laughing so I think my last six week in the mission are gonna be great. He is super sharp and ready to learn, I just need to teach him the doctorine still hahaha.
     So besides my new companion everything else has been going really great. We already have 2 baptisms lined up. Yeah so we are going to be baptizing a Sister Laura Palacio and her 12 year old son Kevin. And Kevin already asked Elder Zapana if he would baptize him, so that was super awesome. 
    With Elder Zapana, he and I have been working really hard in our sector and it is alot easier with him than it was with my last companion.  
    But everything is going really well for me here. And all the members are really sad that I will be going soon. I have no idea how they found out that I have such little time left hahahaha. 
    Well thats all folks! 

Love ya all
and can't wait to see everybody. 

Elder Rodriguez

My 3rd son. Elder Zapana

The newbies and almost dead.

Elder Kirby (Arizona) and Elder Gallardo (Argentina) messing with my camera.

My last Agenda in the mission. Made by Elder Mott.

Gifts given to me for my Birthdat. 
The watch was bought by the Cauran Family (members).

The socks were made by the Palacio Family (investigators).

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