Monday, August 3, 2015

Email 08/03/2015 Night of Affliction

Hey everybody!!!!!!!!!
I'm almost 21...ALMOST 21....I'm old hahahahah
   Anyway this last week started of really bad. REALLY BAD. So, Monday night I started to feel really sick in a lesson so we went to the house rather early. That night I did not sleep for even a second. The whole night I fell into a terrible fever, the chills, severe pain in my stomach and head. That was the first time in my life that I ever prayed to God that I could just survive the night. The next day I only left the house to call my leaders to come and give me a blessing. So that was fun. 
  Ha so the rest of the week got better. I slowly was receiving my strength but I was able to work. So we found a new family. And now we are working with them. My companion is getting a bit better, I mean there is somewhat some progress, but he's still fighten. 
  Oh and then on Sunday the most irreverent thing happened at church. So this sunday was fast sunday and as you all know it is a special time to share your testimony with everyone. So I was up sitting next to the Bishop waiting for my turn to share my testimony when one member goes up and says, ¨Well, everyone, I have a secret,¨ then with a big pause he follows up with, ¨I'm IRONMAN.¨ All the missionaries where like WHATTT?! The worst part about it is......He's our ward mission leader.
  So thats all that happened this week.


Elder Rodriguez

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