Monday, February 10, 2014

Email 02/10/2014 Changes this week

Well Hello everyone here from Ecuador. Well I'm writing right now waiting for my new companion, another Peruvian named Elder Ramirez. I have heard he is very quiet but he's a great missionary, oh and he doesn't speak English as I have heard. I'm also staying in the same area which I'm kinda bummed about but it's the Lord´s will not mine. 
So this last week wasn't to much work just because Elder Luque wanted to take pictures everywhere. We went to one place that is in our area but I have never been until that day. I'll send pics of that. Elder Luque is still in my zone but in another area on the beach with my pal Elder Linderman. I really feel bad for Linderman.
Anyway so this week I fell pretty bad. I was just walking along and felt like someone pushed me. So yeah my knee is kinda jacked up. For the first two days I could barely bend it without feeling severe pain. But I can feel it getting better. Anyway that's really all I have to report.
With this new companion I'm kinda scared because I feel I can barely speak Spanish and I don't know my area real good. But It's an incredible time to learn, so wish me luck.

Love you all
Thanks for all the pics of the Family

Elder Ivan Rodriguez

 Well this computer won't let me send the pictures so I will try again next week.... Sorry.
Oh and I forgot to tell everyone that this past week I went to a preschool and did service for 3               hours drawing on their walls. It was pretty fun but they kept wanting more and more stuff.
Lucky I'm gifted with talent and I can provide. I forgot to take pictures of all the drawings but they were really cool. When I was doing it many people on the street stopped to watch me. Cool stuff.
Well sorry that's it. 
Oh shout out to Mitch and Abigail who just got married. Congrates and I send my best wishes.
Many people here don't like to get married even when they have been together for 40 years, so enjoy it

Love you all once again

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