Monday, February 24, 2014

Email 02/24/2014

Well hello everyone!!! I wanna start by saying sorry because I don't have more pics this week.
Okay lets carry on. Well I found out my companion has night terrors.... So that's fun. It's not a big deal for me having lived with my brother who has the same. So I just laugh evertime it happens. Me and my companion are doing good though, we get along real well. This week we even had a bit of a miracle.
So we go to this one members house and his son who is 3 had a terrible fever and poxs. These were so bad that the kid was crying in his sleep and he couldn't stand up. So we get in there and give him a blessing. Less that 5 minutes later the kid is up walking around and smiling. It was really powerful.
Then the rest of the week was pretty miserable. Between the contant rain and mud. Then one day I stepped in mud and it ate my shoe. So that wasn't to cool. 
This Sunday we had church only for an hour. It was election day here in Ecuador and we had to stay inside our house all day long (except for the hour of church). I guess it's really dangerous during elections especially for missionaries. So that day was filled with sleep, study,sleep, study. Then on March 1st to the 4th we have to stay inside also for Carnival, I don't know what I'm going to do hahaha.
Ha but this week has been good for my Spanish, I'm starting to see a lot of progression. Especially when we had interviews with the President this week. I met another Elder who has 7 months more than me in the mission field and I was speaking better than him.
So thats how my days went...I hope all of you are doing really good. Send me lots of pics and keep me updated!

With much love,

Elder Rodriguez

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