Monday, February 3, 2014

Email 02/03/2014 Hola Familias y Amigos

Well this week has been kinda boring as well. Except for yesterday. So yesterday 
I took a crazy picture of the sky and in the picture there were no people at all, just the dark clouds. Then with my camera I was messing with the lighting and it revealed 3 dark figures. Its actually freaking scary, I don't like it at all. I'll try to send you both the pictures. The figures are in the lower center. 
Well this week has just been work as usual. Still struggling with the language but this week I have really been hunkering down. And just when I was doing good one of my favorite members met another American missionary and pretty much said I suck.
I can't lie I thought about killing him in that second... I'm kidding.
Well no baptizms this week but I believe the next week we will have maybe 2.
Changes are coming this following Sunday. My companion is more than likely going to be changing since he has been in this area for 5 months straight. So I'm probably not going to be changing areas but I'm praying I do. This area really isn't a good area to learn spanish in, since they speak a different spanish than everywhere else...... Thanks president.
I'm really hoping for the jungles even though the food will be more difficult for me. Anyway not much else going on. Oh I got another package which was really cool. You have no idea how great American candys are compared to here. Oh if anyone wants to send me something I'm requesting one of those basketball hoops and a ball for doors. One thatdoesn't  require nails. I know I shouldn't request anything since its not Christmas or my birthday but, what the heck.
Anyway that's all. Sorry I didn't write more but nothing else has been going on.

Love you all. PEACE
Elder Ivan Rodriguez

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