Monday, April 14, 2014

Email 04/14/2014 More Changes

Well this morning was another set of emergency changes. I'm still in the same area but my companion went to my old area. So with this I'm freakying just a bit because I'm new to this area and don't know alot about it yet. My new companion will be coming in the night. His name is Elder Flores and yeshe's  ANOTHER Peruvian hahahaha. I don't know why all my companions are Peruvian but its all good. So I heard this next companion is a bit damaged and I might have to crack the wip on him, so thats cool.  But I'm excited for new things and I think this is showing that President has more confidence and the Lord  gots my back. 
So yesterday was Sunday and it was pretty good. We have to teach the class gospel principles which Iwasn't to excited about but it was fine. Then I also had to lead the music during sacremant meeting. I'm just happy nobody knows how to read music in this area so nobody knows I have no idea what I'm doing. 
This month I don't think I'll be having any baptisms but next month we are going to be baptizing a boy and his sister. During the first lesson with them they said they wanted to be baptized but only if i would do it. So that was cool and bad for my ego Hahaha. But I like this area the ward here is very small and there are many inactives. So it's a tough area but I know the field is white and ready to reap.
I had divisions this last Friday and it was pretty good. I was with my District Leader Elder Rojas from Bolivia and we did some good work. Then with him I went to a leader meeting and I think I made an impression because all the questions that the Zone leaders were asking I was the only one who could answer. So I don't know if in the future there going to make me a district leader or not. I know how to do it all from that meeting but I don't want to be one.  
Then this week is Semana Santa (Holy week) so that means absolutly nothing for us missionaries. But all the Catholics are freaking out to repent one week out of the whole week. So that's pretty exciting I guess. 
Well thats all for now anyway. Just being bored waiting for my companion.
Well Love ya all and hope for the best.

Elder Rodriguez

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