Monday, April 21, 2014

Email 04/21/2014 First Week With New Companion

Well My new companion is Elder Flores from Peru, again. But he's pretty cool. We get along real well which is cool and he's a really good teacher during lessons. This week we haven't been super busy because we are both new here. And he knows surprisingly alot of English.

Well last Sunday we had Stake conference were Elder Holland and Elder Scott talked to the people of Ecuador via sattelite. First off all I had no idea that they spoke spanish. Elder Holland started his talk speaking spanish but switched to English because his pronunciation is terrible. But Elder Richard G Scott spoke the whole time in spanish and it was flawless. To say the least that was pretty cool. 

Then today for P-day we went fishing. It was different because they don't use fishing rods, just the line and your hands. I caught a medium sized cat fish. Then I caught this little kid. Let me explain...
So as I was fishing this little kid was fishing next to me with a small stick and his line then he dropped the stick in the river. Then the kid asked me to get it but as a missionary I can't enter the water. Well he goes in after it but it turns out he couldn't swim. So who jumps in to save him. Your friendly neighborhood Elder Rodriguez.
Luckly I was in my p-day clothes anyway. Hahah. Anyway The kid never got the stick back. 

Anyway..... my zone wants T-shirts and after seeing one of my drawing they want me to design it. Buuuuut I don't want to but I kinda have to. Bummer. 

So this week was alright how are you all doing. Love ya all and I keep you all in my prayers. Hope all is going great.
Elder Rodriguez

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