Monday, April 7, 2014

Email 04/07/2014 This week in Paraiso

Well this week has been a heck of alot better. I got a haircut. Got to know my area a bit. I saw conference in English which was super awesome this time. And I also got to see one of my old pals from the CCM. Its funny because in the CCM he was just this fat kid but since he spent most of his mission so far in the jungles all his clothes don't fit. Anyway that was really cool.
I also watched it in my old area so I talked with a bunch of members that I missed.
    One of the old members took me and the other 3 american missionaries to a Pollo Asado place to eat and it was super good. But while we were eating we had a 3 liter Coke which was about half empty then this homeless man runs in and steals it.... We just laughed because it happened so fast. I think he was a ninja.
 Well my area is pretty nice. My companion said its really mellow here and there is not alot of crime. Then I found out he was shot at here and there is a hill that we have to run down because its super dangerous. Its all good here, no seriously I like this area. We even have an island here. Last week we were teaching on the island then the alarm for tsunami went off because the earthquake in Chile. We just continued with the lesson....
   Our house is pretty cool here too. Except for eveything breaking here. First our only fan in a really hot place then our only iron. So I'm forced to cook the iron and iron my clothes with that. My comp thought that was stupid until he saw it work. But upstairs is an apartment that I think is haunted. The house is just opened with everything in it covered in dust. It looks like the KGB killed the family that was in side or maybe the family just left without taking anything... Pure sketch.
   Our investagators are good here the ward is kinda sucky but I'll work with them to strengthen theleadership here. Alot of people here have experiences with angels thats really cool to hear about also. 
    Oh we have this one investagator and her kid looks like Chucky and he's a little devil too. He chokes out the cat all the time and tries to eat the cat sometimes. I keep that kid away from me hahahah. 
Well everything here is going good. Thanks for the emails and the pics 

Love you all,
Elder Rodriguez

These are pics of my companion Elder Cajahuaman (Peru)'and I on top of our apartment overlooking our area.

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