Monday, April 28, 2014

Email 04/28/2014 This week in Paraico

Well I don't know what happened to those other photos from last week but what ever.
This week we worked really hard. My area is full of giant hills that we walked up and down in the scorching sun. With that we had absolutely no results. Then yesterday we had members giving us a bunch of references of people to teach. So not that bad.

Well we also have 2 baptisms lines up this week and what looks to be 3 next month.
Its going really good. This last week our mission President came and had a meeting with us. As all the meetings we always have practices and every time he wanted an example he picked me. And during the practices he wanted to practice in my group. 
Even my companion said that was something really rare and he thinks I'm going to be called as a trainer soon or something like that. I really hope I don't get called to be something. 
Well the pictures I sent this week are of a delicous fruit that I don't know what its called. The actual fruit is a seed covered with like a gel like thing. Its super good but you can't eat it only suck on it for a while. 
Well that's all for now hope all is well and i love ya all. 

Elder Rodriguez

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