Monday, May 19, 2014

Email 05/19/2014 Dead Baby?!

Wellllll hello here from Ecuador. Today its bright and sunny and hot as always!
Well I hope everyone got the pictures that I sent this week.
One of them is of a live sized headless doll that scared the poop out of me and the others of me on a giant hill full of neverending stairs. I call it the stairs of doom because I feel doomed everyday as we scale that monstous hill.
Anyway this week was nice mainly because I got to talk to the family. Also this week many of the members have offered their services in this work of ours.
Which is much needed. Oh I'm also going to go to a place called Ta China an area in our area where no missionaries have gone yet. My plan is to leave this sector with a legacy to the Rodriguez name........ But mainly a legacy for the Lord. 
Well I'm not sure what else to write. This week we found alot of new people, brought back a family of 6 into activity in the church and all is well. 
This next Wednesday we are all traveling to Quito the capital of Ecuador to hear from Elder Waddel one of the 70. If your not a member he's just a really important guy in the church. Now as I should be super excited to hear from him I'm kinda more excited just for the bus rides there and back. The reason is that we can watch movies and buy the movies we want to watch. Because the bus people put on movies whether we like it or not and if we don't buy the movies at time they can be super bad. Well thats all for now folks.
Everything here is going well and my companion is doing good. Still don't like training but I'm getting used to it.

Love ya all and pray for the best,

Elder Rodriguez

I thought this doll was a dead baby!

Giant hill full of neverending stairs!

A top the Giant hill! 

PS: My mom made me remember that this week we also had a service project.....
With machetes, and you all know what that means...HUNGER GAMES... no no sorry. I mean alot of fun. We helped this one family clear their property of all the trees and shrubbery and it was a lot of fun. Until on elder from the states, Elder Hall lost his grip on his machete during mid-swing. Lets just say I almost died. But again it was a lot of fun chopping everything in sight. Sorry I don't have a picture of that but I hope you all can imagine.

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