Sunday, June 1, 2014

Email 05/26/2014 Mission News

OK hey there everybody!
This week was a bit of a change to the norm. It started by all of our zone traveling by bus to Quito to hear the wise words of the area 70, Elder Waddel.
Traveling to Quito is always super cool because we get to watch movies in the bus. This time we watched the new Captain America movie, good stuff. Anyway the lesson that we had with Elder  Waddel was truely awesome. He truely is an inspired man. Also in Quito I was able to see many of the missionaries that were with me in the MTC so for me that was a bit like a family reunion. After our 3 days in Quito we returned back to Esmeraldas in the heat. The coolness of Quito was a nice change. Oh I forgot we went to this mall in Quito and it was the biggest mall I had ever seen. It had a rollercoaster inside. I was blown away when Elder Kerby, who served some time in Quito, said they have them all over. So today is P-Day and I bought some new shoes. They wanted 50 for them but I brought it down to 25. Just hope they don't fall apart on me hahaha. So this P-Day we went to the beach. It almost brought me to tears feeling the cool ocean breeze which reminded me so much of California. But it was really beautiful there. I'll send pics. Well that's all for this week PEACE.
Love ya all

Elder Rodriguez

Sorry I'm so good looking! 

I don't know why my butt looks huge....Nice

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