Monday, August 4, 2014

Email 08/04/2014 I'm Alive "Happy Birthday to Elder Rodriguez"

Well I'm sorry for not writing last week but with the new changes I had absolutely no time. But lets talk about my last week in Esmeraldas.
   Okay so I finished my last week almost crying to leave our converts the Zamora family. They were awesome and I hope I can visit them again. That last week was really a good time. I baptized 2 kids of a family I only taught twice..... And I don't remember there names its terrible. I feel bad. It was a baptism of an Elder Dalton (USA) and an Elder Valverde (PERU). I interviewed the family for their baptisms and they all asked me to do it. But I couldn't do that to the Elders so I baptized 2 of the kids Valverde one of the other kid and Dalton the mom it was really cool and I was honored. 
   Now for the changes. Right now I'm teaching among the Lamanites here in an area called Imbabura close to Otavalo. Its super cold here and it reminds me of the Shire and old world spain mixed together. So I love it. The only problem is that here are alot of people here that speak Kichua or the language of the indigenous. So that means sometimes we work with translators. Here I'm still the District Leader and my companion is Elder Leong (UTAH) from my group. I was wondering why President put me with someone in my own group but now I know..... He talks nonsense alot during lessons. So I'm working with that but I'm just glad to be here. I already love the people here. Alot of the people who are here have Book of Mormon names.... And they are not members. Oh and the church we assist is in Kichua also so I have no idea whats happening half the time. Well I'll send some pictures of the baptism and my new area. Thanks for all the Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday to all thoses new borns out there also.

Oh and our house is on the side of a volcano....... And the otherside of our house is another Valcano....COOOL

Elder Rodriguez

My companion Elder Leong

New area Imbabura 

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