Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Email 08/11/2014 Among the Lamanites

Well this week has been fairly well. How are things with you?
 Lets start out with what happened at the beginning of the week. So my companion Elder Leong got moved to Quito in emergency changes. I feel bad but I am so relieved that I can really start working in this area. As of now I'm working in my sector and another sector with the zone leaders. So now I have 2 companions Elder Chub (from Guatamala) and Elder Parra (from Chile). They're pretty cool and I know I can learn alot working with them because they both have alot of time in the mission. Oh also Chub served in Guatamala, Peru and now here in Ecuador. Parra served in Chile, Venezuela and now here in Ecuador also. 
  So yeah its all good here, the only thing that sucks is that in their house they don't really have hot water....... We are in the flippen mountains and the water is like ice. 
   Oh and the people that live below them always come up with food for us. Its sweet. So that's really all the news for now. I also received packages from my Aunt Deann and Grandma Bev & Aunt Ninnie so thank you for that. 

Elder Rodriguez

PS: The tie was especially awesome. The Lord knows I need more ties. And I freaked out all the missionaries when I demonstrated the water proof thing on the tie. So thank you Aunt Ninnie. 

My New Companions

Elder Parra is the TALL one. Elder Chub is the shortest one and I'm in the middle if you forgot what I look like.

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