Monday, October 13, 2014

Email 10/13/2014 A little more than a Year

Helllllllloooooo here from valcano Imbabura Ecuador.
   Here it's rather wet due to the ridiculously cold rain but all is well. Oh and I don't know if you all know but I passed that one year mark. I know I know, I'm a stud. Thanks.
  Anyway this week was great. We had the opportunity of having an invasion in our sector. So all the missionaries came to our sector and just found people for an hour. It was a lot of fun just receiving names of people to go and teach. In that time we found a young kid named John who has been attending church and seminary for quite awhile. So at church he walks up to us and just asks, "When can I get baptized?" So now we got a baptism lined up for the 25th. So that was cool, especially when we asked, "what do you know about the book of mormon," and he responded, " only that its true". SWEET.
   So that was fun. Then the bad luck continued with my companion on one rainy day. So we were just walking back to the house at night in the rain and I feel like I should just stop walking, so I stopped. Unfortunetly he continued in front of me and falls in a huge hole, invisible to the eye because of the rain water flooded it. I laughed so hard, and he laughed, then I checked if he was alright........ He was.
   Just glad that somebody up there is looking out for me. 
  Then that brings us to today, well I lost my plak (name tag).  Then the zone leaders were on a bus and a little girl gave them my plak. So that was good. Then to celebrate the finding of my plak I made some cheese empanadas. 
  That's all for now kids. Thanks for listening.


Elder Rodriguez

For my one year mark I burnt one of my messed up ties. Enjoy my hat and sweater, it's cold outside.

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