Monday, October 6, 2014

Email 10/06/2014 Being Sick Of it

So lets start this thing off with a bang........ Oh sorry I meant to write barf.
    My newbie of a companion got terribly sick.  It all started out with us eating some questionable food at one of our mamitas. She prepared us a plate full of river weed. Like you know when Nevel Longbottom gives Harry Potter the Gilly Weed.... That's what it looked like on our plates, and suprisingly it was good. I liked it alot. Then more in the afternoon I felt a terrible pain in my stomach and so did my companion Elder Valentine. 
     So we headed home at the nomal time which is about 9, and my companion just empties his stomach in the bathroom. Well I thought he emptied it out but he comes out and begins puking every-which-way. So I played nurse for that night helping him and cleaning up the nastiest stuff, but he's my companion. Then the day after he was feeling a bit better. Then BAM, right in the middle of a district meeting he pukes again. So that day we just stayed at home. He slept from 12 in the afternoon until the next day...... I thought he died.
     Well now he's all good and we are working hard. The day after we even found a huge family. It wasweird  because we just walked in a dark alley and found like 5 different houses and all of them are family.... Oh and they are all investigating the church now.
     So that brings us to conference. And for missionaries conference is like the Super Bowl, so it was a good time. Especially since our whole zone dressed like the Waiki´s (indigenous people here). Oh and Waiki means brother. I'll send some pics of that.
    Anyway so even though my companion might not have had the best week it was a good one for me. Plus I found a Coca-Cola with my name on it.
Well thats it for this week.  Hope I didn't scare you with the title! 
Welp Love ya all and hope for the best. 


Elder Rodriguez

Elder Valentine & Elder Rodriguez dress as indigenous people.


Coca-Cola with Elder Rodriguez name on it. 

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