Monday, October 27, 2014

Email 10/27/2014 A Walk into the Waters

  This week here on the volcano of Imbabura we were blessed to see one of our investigators enter into the waters of baptism and then recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost.  His name is Jhon and we had his friend Wilson baptize him. It was great and also the Zone leaders, who serve in our ward  had a baptism of 2 other kids. It's cool because they are all friends with each other and they are super excited to pass the sacrament. (I'll send pics). But the baptism was a tough one. So Elder Valentine and I went early to fill up the baptismal faunt. Then when we came back, the water was super low. And to make it worse the water pump wasn't working to pump more water into it...... So they were baptised really really close to the ground.
   This week we also found a young teenager named Tupoc De La Torre who we thought was a member. He has been attending church for over a year and we just recently gave him a baptismal date. He's  super awesome and really knows everything already. Only one problem, his parents are really against the church. But his older sister, who is about 22 or something, is a recent convert of the church so we are gonna work really hard and pray that the Lord softens the hearts of the parents. Cuz Tupoc really wants to be baptized....It's weird.  
    So then on Sunday we started out with a heart breaker.  One of our best Investagators, who we had the highest hopes for, dropped us........ So we were walking to the church all bummed when out of nowhere I find $5.... It was amazing cuz pretty much everysingle person that was walking to the church had to have walked past that bill. Lucky me. 
   This week we also found a super old lady. She looks about the same age as Yoda from Star Wars. She also walks about at a 90 degree angle due to hard labor her whole life. So we talked to her about prayer and she begins to tell us about one time when her grandson (Joey Diaz a return missionary) prayed and she didn't like it. He did one of those lazy missionary prayers where your on your bed praying in a fetil position. And then she showed us how, I mean she got on the ground and demonstrated. My companion and I could not stop laughing and I think she realized she is crazy because she started laughing too. 
    Well that's all of the things that happened this week. Hope all is well.

Love ya all PEACE,

Elder Rodriguez

Double Rainbow on Volcano Imbabura

Jhon's Baptism 

Zone Leaders Baptism 

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