Monday, October 20, 2014

Email 10/20/2014 CH-CH-CHANGES

Well this week we had changes..... And nothing happened for us here in Iluman.
     Anyway I can't  say too much happened here this week. We are still here working very hard with our investagators and this coming Saturday we have a baptism of a young kid named Jhon.
So that's gonna be awesome to start my comp off with a baptism. He's an awesome kid who goes to seminary and church everyweek by himself.
    Then this week we had some divisions for the day. So I was working in my area with Elder Guild (Wyoming USA). I was so excited for that day because I had scheduled meeting all day, unfortunately just like during every single division I have ever had all the meetings failed.............
    Then to top that off our mamita practically gave us the volcano that we live on in the form of rice. After the lunch we were sharing some lesson and I just ran into the bathroom. (WARNING) This next part might get gross (WARNING) So I run in there and just fill the whole toilet bowl with the food that I just ate, in the form of puke...........Sorry about that. Anyway I felt better right after unloading a bit. 
     Okay but besides those parts that day was really fun and after all of the meetings failed we prayed together so that the Lord would show us where we were needed. So after praying we found a little old lady that told us her husband just died about 3 months ago. So as missionaries we talked to her about why we are all here and where are we going after. She was so over joyed that she began to cry. So that day was horrible but we felt great after being tools in the Lords hands.
     Then this week my companion and I had to go to Quito for his verifications and that was really boring for me because they insisted on teaching us stuff we already know and do everyday. 
Fortunately on the bus there we got to see the new Transformer (it was too long) and Guardians of the Galaxy (it was awesome but we didn't finish it). Then while we were in Quito we got caught in a terrible storm. It was hailing so hard, with lightning and we were all soaked. Fortunately while there I bought some church movies so on P-days I'll be enjoying those.
      Well that's all for now folks. Oh shout out to Grandma Bev and Aunt DeAnn for the package, I already eat everthing and I'm enjoying the cloths. THANKS
     THANKS to all of you viewers out there, just stay tuned for next weeks issue! 


Elder Rodriguez

My minion from Esmeraldas with the matching hat. 

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