Monday, November 10, 2014

Email 11/10/2014 Party in the Park

Well HELLOOOOOO everyone. It seems like there is alot of things going on for everyone back home. This week has been full of.....meetings.
  So we started it off with some surprise interviews with the President of the mission. I was all good and for a plus he gave me some cookies. Then that same day his wife was checking our Area book (all of the work we have been doing while here in Iluman). And my companion was stoked for her to check itbecause he has been updating it everynight. And when she looked at it she just crushed us. It was a humbling experience for sure haha. But we´ll do better next time.
  Anyway the rest of the week was filled with other meetings that I always go to as the District Leader. Nothing fun there. Then one night all of us missionaries hosted a family history activity with all the wards in the area..........4 people showed up so you know it was a success. 
  The rest of the week was filled with me being a bit sick, due to allergies, and rain. Alot of Rain.
Oh and also the Waikis and Panigus have been parting it up here in the park. It's a celebration for the 125th anniversary of the Catholic church or something. The music that they have been playing is sooo cool, I'm missing the music of the states. But I'm a missionary!
  Then later in the week we made an old lady cry with our kindness. So the story is, we always visit this old lady that looks about 900 and she walks at a 90 degree angle. Its sad because she has no family that visit her and her son is literally her neighbor. But we shared a little message with her and she began to thank us with tears filling her eyes. Then she tried to pay us but we obviously denied. If you want to feel good in life, do good in life. That has been one of the best lessons I´ve learned here in the mission. 
  Well that brings us to P-day. We ended up playing more dodge ball but safely outside. It was a good time then we ate some pizza....I haven't had pizza for sooooo long. 
Well that's all for now folks.
Happy Birthday to my Waiki Jordan, I´ll send a package next Monday.
(I tried sending it today but the post office was out of stamps)
So be on the lookout for some good things! 

Have a nice day.

Elder Rodriguez

Here I am eating some delicious Cuyi (Guinie Pig) with Brother Alejandro and Sister Estella Tuqueres.
We live in their house upstairs on the 4th floor.

This is a rare Giant Blurry Beetle.
That's my hand next to it for scale.

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