Monday, November 24, 2014

Email 11/24/2014 Fighting the Lord of the Flies

Well this week was good. How was it for you all?
First off I wanna give a shoutout to my Papa Jim and baby Daphne for birthdays.
  Anyway I'll go ahead and talk about this week. It was good. This week the stake had a huge mini mission experience for the youth. We got a young Brother Chisa. And it was so funny. We just went to go knock on some doors and I told him to do the first one. He freaked out with fear. So we taught him how it's done. Then later that day we contacted this lady who had a Jesus shrine with a whole bunch of paintings. So we added to her little collection with another Jesus painting we just had. She was so happy she jumped and hugged our little newbie. For the rest of the day we just teased him a bit about his oldtimer girlfriends. Anyway it was a good day and He said he learned alot. 
  At church we also held a movie night as missionaries. So we invited 3 different wards and a whole bunch of people showed up. My companion and I ended of buying 3 kilos of popcorn to feed everyone.  Also my companion and I and another Elder from the states named Elder Guild were incharge of the popcorn and sodas. It was an awesome night and all the members were super thankful. They all said it was a miracle that 10 missionaries did all that for all those people.  It was a good week to help people here in Iluman.
  My companion and I also experienced another miracle with one of our investagators. so we haven't met with this lady for a long time and we were planning on what we should teach. We both decided that we should teach about the Godhead so we planned that, studied it and went to the lesson. As we were walking we both felt that it wasn't a good idea so we decided together to talk about prayer. When we get there we start the lesson with a prayer as usual. Then as we were asking her if she read the things we gave her to read, she answered yes but with question in her voice, so we ask her if she had a question. She did and it was about prayer. We had a real breakthrough that lesson with the Spirit working through us. 

Well thats it.
Love ya all
Hope for the best and keep the faith! 
Enjoy the Turkey

Elder Rodriguez

Here are the funniest little girls here in Iluman.
From the smallest to the biggest - Sijuri, Eva & Nusta

Here is a picture in one of the little girls school books. 

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