Monday, November 17, 2014

Email 11/17/2014 View from a Archangel

This week went rather well here on the Volcano.
On Sunday we had a super old guy that we invited to church, thinking he wouldn't show. It was amazing because right then and there he said he wants to join our church because the Catholic church are a bunch of thieves..... I don't know about that part but we started to teach him.  
 Anyway for the most part this week was just alright. We had a missionary invasion in which we went to help out some Sister missionaries in their sector. While there we had some pretty amazing contacts. I contacted one guy and he tried arguing with me. He kept saying I was mistaken talking about God. Then he kept asking us which God I was talking about, whether it was Alla, the jewish God, the Catholic God or the Mormon God....They are literally all the same God. Anyways we ended up just walking away with the lasting words that, "Dios le mostrara el camino cuando esta listo a escuchar."<------ Translate it. 
 Then we visited the old lady Maria again and I got a picture. I had to tell her to stop cring for the picture. She is just always over joyed to see us, and she always tells us to return. 
 Then this p-day, today, we went to Ibarra (about 30 minutes in a bus) to visit the Archangel Michael. It was really cool and I'll send some pics.
 Anyways love ya all and hope you all take care of yourselves! 

Elder Rodriguez

P.S. Eat alot of turkey for me.....I won't be eating any! 

The Gringos


My companion & I 

Archangel Michael and I



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