Monday, November 3, 2014

Email 11/03/2014 Dayz of the Dead

Happy Halloween to all those ghouls reading this.
   This week went rather well for us here on the Volcano of Imbabura. While the weather is getting colder for all of you up there in the states, its getting hotter here. I actually like it. 
   So this week we are still working hard to bring the Lords work to the Lamanites once again hahaha. No but we are working really hard here. Right now we have some teenagers that are preparing for their baptismal dates ( and Iker). Also one of Tupok's friends who always goes to church came up to us and said he wants to be baptized too................. Ugh alright if you want pshhh. Anyway then this week while looking for a reference that we had we found a family of 7 who were almost baptized about 5 years ago. They weren't baptized then because they had their doubts whether or not Christ's church had Prophets and Apostles. I was so happy I knew what is in Ephesians 4:11-13 to respond to that question right away. So now we are working with them now. Its all good here.
   Oh update on my cooking skills... I learned how to make some Empanadas which I'll send some pics.
   Also this week we were able to invade a sector of some Sister missionaries which was legit. The whole zone came to help them find some new people to teach. During that invasion my companion and I found a guy who told us he died twice in his life and has no idea why he's still around. So we taught him the Plan of Salvation (which answers the time old questions: Where do we come from, What is our purpose in life, and Where do we go after this life).
   So that brings us to this monday P-DAY. So we decided to go to the church and play some broom hockey. Which by the way I decked out our broom to be the Nimbus 35 sponsered by Nike, Vans, Aki  (shopping center here), and  Deja (a detergent).......... It ended with one Elder almost killing me when he broke his broom, me almost breaking another Elders thumb and my companion body slamming a wall..... So we stopped doing that and played some dodge ball with taped up toilet paper rolls....... That ended with an Elder breaking a window in the church..... So we stopped that too. Then we ate some mexican food. 
 Well that all folks. 
Thanks for all the support
Love ya all.

Elder Rodriguez 

PS: Shout out to my Brother Jordan who is about to have a birthday.
Kill it our there Waiki (brother in kitchua)

Cool Graffiti during the invasion. 

My world famous Empanadas.

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