Monday, December 8, 2014

Email 12/08/2014 Inner City Pressure

Well how y'all doing out there? Me? Well I'm doing just great out here in the city.
  Well let me describe my area to ya so you can get an idea of where I am. Here in Carcelen it's dirty, it's the poorer area of Quito, the food is alright, and the people are a little tough. I'm actually loving it alot.
  We haven't been contacting to many people this last week but every single person we talked to has become an investagator or completely acted like we don't exist.    
  My companions are really cool too. The other Zone Leader is named Elder Artero from El Salvador. He's a good guy with lots of experience. He came from a Peru mission where he was an Assistant to the President of the mission over there. This is also his last month in the mission then he goes home. So you can imagine that i'm just trying to learn the most I can from him. I also have another companion right now, Elder Quintana from Peru. We call him the Secretary Leader. He's here with us because he was flirting a little to much in the coast, but he really is a good missionary. Anyway I'll send ya some pics of my companions.
  So as a Zone Leader I have to tell ya, it's a lot of teaching other missionaries, filling out paperwork and looking good. (joking on the last one, that's just me). Also this Tuesday we have to go to the center of Quito for the Leadership council. That means an 8 hour meeting with all the Zone Leaders in this mission..... Fun stuff.
  Anyway I'm doing great here. Don't worry about me, just send money 
   I hope everyone is ready for Christmas coming up soon I know we are.
Well that's all folks.

Love ya all PEACE,

Elder Rodriguez

P.S. Shout out to Abigail and the Rubster having their Birthdays and stuff! 

Well when ha gotta mall in your sector ya gotta hit up that McDonalds...especially since it's been a little longer then a year since I've had some Mcdees!

A bit of my sector.

My companion Elder Artero

Other companion Elder Quintana

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