Monday, December 1, 2014

Email 12/01/2014 Zoning Out

Well first off I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
 We sure did here. Elder Valentine and I decided to make a family pancakes.....They liked them so much they were eating like monsters, well that's what it looked like when people have never tried pancakes before. They were so grateful that they gave my companion and I bugs to eat, they made us beanies and they made me a suit....out of pajamas. (I'll send pics). 
  Anyway changes came today and it caught me by surprise. I was made Zone Leader and now I'm in a part of Quito called Carselen, Ofelia. I finally made it to the big city y'all. And the weird thing is, is that the President usually calls the people to make them Zone Leaders the night before....Not with me. My new companion is Elder Arteros from El Salvador and he's about to end his mission. I also heard he came from a Peru mission where he was the assistant to the President, so I have alot to learn. 
  The last night I was in Iluman the members were telling us how much they loved us. And that there had never been missionaries there before that they trusted more. That made it really hard to leave, but I know the Lord needs me in other places. So as a district Leader I was in charge of 5 missionaries, now as a Zone Leader there are 24 missionaries on my shoulders that's all. Wish me luck and pray for me.
  Well thats all FOLKS 

Elder Rodriguez 

P.S. Congrats on the graduation mom!! 

It's a Waikís Pony Tail beanie that I designed.

Second beanie that was handmade and given to me by the De la Torre Family.

Me looking good.

Chicken Foot soup.

My pajamas suit. 

My son Elder Valentine waiting for some missionaries.

Chubby cheeks Antony making his mean face.

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