Monday, December 15, 2014

Email 12/15/2014 The Gift

 Well this week was really hectic for us here in Quito. This week we had a bunch of reunions  and also we had to go to the center of Quito for the Christmas lunch with President. 
  2 zones went to that lunch and we had to prepare a messege to present at the lunch. So we got together with the other zone leaders, the district leaders and all the Sister leaders in the 2 zones and prepared a skit.  We performed a skit off of the night before Christmas story..... It was my idea.... It made the mission President cry.... I was actually surprised he didn't send me home hahah. I´ll send some pics of the lunch. It was really good we had turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and green beans with a delicious gravy. I couldn't get enough of it. Oh also as a zone we all bought scarfs to wear at the party. Each companionship wore one red one and a white one. But since we are a trio we looked like the Peru flag.
 So that was fun. Well besides that we didn't do much. Literally we didn't have time to work.
Oh we have a new mamita who washed our clothes. She's amazing. She ironed all of our clothes and she repaired rips and tears in my companions clothes. Only one problem..... She stole my pants to my suit....... But I'm not sure if she stole them or she was nice enough to send them to a tailor to get them fixed, cause they did have a huge tear in the crouch.
 Well besides that all I am really grateful. All of the missionaries here are happy with Christmas coming up. For the 24th we will have a P-day instead of that monday but we have to enter the house at 6 and then we can't leave. Then on the 25th we will have a normal work day but we will end it short at 5. So it looks like we won't be having a spectacular dinner but the three of us will find something to do in the house to keep us entertained.
Well that's it. Merry Christmas to all.
And try to do some service this Christmas and feel the joy of the holidays.

Love ya all PEACE,

Elder Rodriguez

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