Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Email 12/24/2014 Feliz Navidad

First off MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Now I want to make a shout out to my mom, Thanks for the package.
Now for a shout out  to my Aunt LaVonne for my new camera, it didn't just make me happy but also one of my companion's that didn't have a camera. I gave him my old one so he can hold on to some memories on his mission. 
  Now this past couple of days haven't been filled with to many new things. Not many people have had time to listen to us but we have been doing a bunch of services. We helped one family move out of there house because their property manager kicked them out by surprise then we helped a family do some cementing again......The biggest thing that has happened is Christmas. I bought a new camera so you all can see me better, my companion got my old/new camera, then I bought my other companion Bopit....He's super happy now, I just won't have any food for this coming week hahah..... Seriously. But I'm super happy here and everything is going well. Oh one missionary that I haven't seen for about 6 months sent me a new name tag.....It's white for baptisms. I'll send pics to everyone.
Thanks again! MERRY CHRISTMAS 


Elder Rodriguez

New Camera (shock proof & water proof) 

My White name tag

Black & White

Jenna bridge at a members house

Where the studies go down

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