Monday, January 5, 2015

Email 01/05/2015 New Year! New Miracles

Happy New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope everyone enjoyed their new years this year. We spent it in our house doing nothing. Well at least we were able to see men dressed as women bugging people in their cars for money. I sent pics. Oh and honestly I don't know why they do it but it's a tradition of Ecuador. 
   So this week we have been really putting our shoulders to the wheel and working our butts off. And I think the Lord has really been watching us working hard cause he threw us a bone. That brings us to the Saturday miracle.
   This past Saturday the Cortez family (the family we ate dinner with on Christmas) invited us to the baptism of their niece, who lives in our area. So we decided to go and show our support. While there, we were talking to the parents and we found out she was older than 8. If she's older than 8 that falls into our hands and we are responsible. So that made us freak out a bit because it was possible that we might of had to cancel the baptism with all the family there. Well we didn't want to do that so we had an interview with the little girl, Leah.  She was so smart and knew exactly what she was doing. So Saturday night we saw a beautiful baptism and also as a result we now have a new investagator and also we are working with 4 new less active members of the church.
   So I'm super thankful for that because this week was super stressful for me. This week we had to send a whole bunch of forms, We had to get new beds for the sister missionaries and the bank locked my card and I have $30 to live on until till the 16th....Just from traveling I spend almost $5 everyday.... do the math, it won't last. but i'm all good here. I got the Lord on my side. 
So that's all folks.

Love ya all PEACE!

Elder Rodriguez

Surprise Baptism of Leah. 


Quito, Ecuador

New Years! Men dressed as women bugging people for money.

Goodbye 2014.

The Cortez family made us dinner for New Years!

Zone Leaders transporting beds for the sister missionaries.

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