Monday, January 12, 2015

Email 01/12/2015 Some Die and Some Continue

Well changes came, and everything got all SWITCHED-UP.
  My old companion Elder Artero, rest in peace, finished his mission this week and is off to El Salvador. In the mission that's known as a death, and as his last companion I'm known as his killer.  Anyway I'm gonna miss the guy. He was a great leader and he knew a bunch. But my time is now. (until the 22nd of September 2015)
  So in this change the trio got spit up. Elder Artero went home, Elder Quintana got sent to Otavalo among the indigenous,. and I'm still in the same area with my new companion. He's a mexican named Elder Uc. He's alright, and I already know him real well. He used to be my Zone Leader when I was living on the Volcano. (which reminds me, I just found out a huge hill that I live on is a volcano too, it erupted in the year 2000).
  I also heard this week my old companion that I trained, Elder Valentine, is now a District Leader. Then my other old companion, Elder Nogales, went back to Chile. HE LEFT THE MISSION!!! I was sad to hear that he had passport problems.....
  Any way that's about it this week. Thanks to Elder Artero this week consisted more of saying good-bye to members and eating a bunch of food than working. Oh this week I ate a burger that weighed a pound, it was huge!!!.  It was a tower of a burger with everthing on it, but boy was it delicious.
Okay thats all.
Love ya all 

Elder Rodriguez

P.S. I still haven't sorted out my bank stuff yet.....I don't know how to contact them. 

Elder Artero and a cake we bought him. "No me importa" means "I don't care". We bought that fruitcake a fruitcake. 

Old Zone before everything got all SWTCHED-UP.

Pics of the Middle of the World.
Longitude, Latitude 0'0

The Equator Line.

My old companion Elder Nogales that died.

We had a meeting in which we say Zamora Family finally be all baptized. They were the best family that we found together and baptized the kids. The parents were only waiting to be married first. 

T-shirt which I designed when I was in Imbaura. With this t-shirt, I made it so everyone had a different color (power ranger style)

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