Monday, January 19, 2015

Email 01/19/2015 When Life Gives Ya Lemons, When You Already Have Some

  Well this week was different..... I have always heard that the mission is the best two years of your life, and I truely believe that...But I also believe there is opposition in all things, where the best things are, there are often times the worst things too.
  Many of you know of my money situation. Well it got worse.......Today on the bus somebody robbed me. They took the copy to my passport, my bank card for the mission, my missionary handbook, oh and my personal bank card. But as you all know my personal bank card was blocked so I wasn't worring to much in that aspect....Then I got on the internet to read an email that says my personal bank card works again........Tests and trials come to all and it's a part of life. But I have come to the reality that, that is REALITY. Sometimes life sucks but it always gets better. So I'll just look ahead to the future.  Yup.
  Now here are some blessing I have. There are always more blessings in life, just gotta count them to see the difference. First off we went bowling today (I will send some pics). I got second out of the 4 of us. We went with Elder Cajahuaman (from Peru, he used to be my companion on the coast, and now I'm his leader. Muahahaha.) Oh and also his companion Elder Richey (from Utah----he's kinda weird but he's a good guy). Then this week I got a Christmas card from the Oxspring family (SHOUT-OUT). Thanks very much for thinking of me way out here. Then my companion and I have been working our butts off looking for newbies and we have found a couple. One of them asked me out on a date, I had to say no. Then we had another......We contacted a lady who was so mean to us and truely did not want anything. We truely took a verbal beating while we presented ouselves and told her what we do. Then after some time of, we just wanted to get out of that death match. So we simply asked if we could leave with a prayer...With hate in her voice she said yes. Then everything changed when my companion asked her if there was anything inwhich she would like for us to pray for......The anger instantly left her eyes and out came tears. She expressed to us that in her current situation she didn't know what to do at all, she had no hope nor anybody to support her. I truely say the spirit working in her heart as tears rolled down her face. I was speechless. From what began as another rejection accompanied with hatred turned into a crazy experience. She asked us to come back and teach her. My testimony of the spirit and it's powers to change the hearts of anybody have been profoundly strenghthened. I know, and I testify that the Lord prepares the hearts of man to accept the restored gospel. I testify that the Lord has planned for us happiness, but not only momentary happiness, but happiness that lasts the eternities. So now i'll send some pics.
I love ya all and hope for the best.


Elder Rodriguez

My Zone with our Mission President and his wife. My companion has the bright blue tie on.

Selfie of me stressed out BUT happy.

Elder Uc, my companion and Elder Richey.


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