Monday, January 26, 2015

Email 01/26/2015 Touching the Sky

 Well, how's it going there in the states. I hope it's going good.
 Here in Ecuador it's all going good. I have nothing in my pockets but it's all good. Elder Uc and I have been working our butts off contacting everyone and, as of yet nothing, but really soon. I feel it in my bones. Oh remember that lady who was really mean to us but changed completely, well we met her husband. We had a lesson with the 2 of them. Man let me tell ya that Satan was working really hard to mess up that lesson. At the most important part of the lesson, the lights went out. It was one of those moments in life where you just want to say, "What the HECK".
 But with all of that the lesson showed us that, that lady is prepared. When we invited them to just pray to ask if the lesson was true her husband totally shut us down. Fortunately she told us that she would pray and not only pray but she would read the Book of Mormon and pray to see if it is true.
  Other than that it was a pretty boring week. It's getting cold here in Quito (I'll send a pic of what I look like in our house). Oh and this Monday, today for me) we went to the top of a volcano in a skii lift....That was cool. so yeah that's it I'll send pics.

Love ya all 

Elder Rodriguez

Bird an in a suit.

My father in the mission & my son in the mission. 
They both are District Leaders now.

Me studying in our cold, cold house.

My companion, Elder Uc (rocking the shirt I made), Elder Cahajuaman (one of my old companions), and his companion Elder Richey.

Thoughts from on High. 

Our District, me, Elder Uc, Elder Cahajuaman, Elder Richey, Sister Hill (USA) & Sister Maxamilliano (Peru).

Touching the Clouds.

View from the Top. 

The way to Heaven. 

My companion & I.

I was on the very edge of a huge cliff (sorry mom). 

The District again.

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