Monday, February 9, 2015

Email 02/09/2015 The Goober Gang

Well this week was good. I hope all of you had a splendid week over there in the States or wherever you are.
    Lets start this thing from the beginning. Monday, well it was our P-day and we did a small activity that I talked about last week so nothing new on that one. Then Tuesday we had another Mission council with all the leaders of the mission. I have a pic I'll send but right now practically all of the missionaries from my group are leaders. It's awesome because it's almost like a family reunion to go to these councils. Oh then President gathered up only those missionaries in my group and gave us an ultimatum. He told us our choices to go home is either the 22nd of September or the 3rd of November and told us we need to decide by the 23rd of this month. As of yet I have no idea but I'm gonna talk to him this Friday. So anyway with that I have nothing more.
     So this month in the mission we have been all asked to sacrifice something so see greater miracles. So as I was thinking of sacrificing a dog (thats a joke) in our house the lights go out. So now I think I'm gonna sacrifice using electricity. This whole week has passed without electricity. And honestly it wouldn't be that bad if our shower wasn't heated by electricity, or if everything in our kitchen worked by electricity.......So we are living it up like the pilgrams here in Quito, the big city.
Well that's all for now I have to go.

Love ya all,

Elder Rodriguez

Council of Leaders (we have a meeting once a month)

The Leaders from my MTC  group who came out into the mission field with me. 

Studying by candle light.

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