Monday, February 16, 2015

Email 02/16/2015 Only a Matter of Time

   Well hello everyone. i hope this week was all fun and games for y'all up there in the states. So as I was thinking alot about when I should come home I finally got an answer......and it came directly from the prophet but I'll tell ya about that towards the end.
    Anyway for the most part this week has been really boring, we weren't able to go outside for about 4 days because of Carnival. Here during Carnival they run around with squirt guns, guns that shoot out foam, and throw water would be really fun if we could participate in all the games but we are confined in our houses...And we found out that here in Quito the law prohibided all these games so we were practically in our houses for nothing. Fun stuff. Well with that I caught up on my sleep.
    Then this week we had interviews with the mission President. It was really awkward for me. My companion had his interview first then I went in. Now during the interview President said something that was really weird. He said, "Elder I feel like telling you that in this mission we don't return home after lunch to take naps. In this mission we are working as muich as we can". No to that I felt super clueless, cuz I don't do that. Haha so I said to him, "President from what you just told me I'm in question to the revelation in which you recieve, because I don't do that". Well to that he was just silent. I think my companion was telling lies during his interview, but whatever. I'm here to serve the Lord not my mission President or my companions.
     Oh and during the interview one of the missionaries in our zone got super sick. His name is Elder Cahajuaman (he used to be my companion) and we found him in the bathroom just crying out in pain, and he said his head was about to explode and he couldn't feel his arm...I thought he was having a heartattack. So we called the nurse and she tells us for him to drink some water.....Thanks......Anyway so in the moment we gave him a blessing and everything passed. So that was cool cuz seriously I have never seen someone look as bad as he did.
     Okay now for my decision. So as I prayed and prayed as to what date I should go home. I got a call from the offices. It turned out that my ministers card (gives me the official right to preach) just arrived, which I should have had my whole mission. So I went to the offices and picked it up. Well on this card it has the signeture of President Thomas S. Monson and 2 dates. The date in which I started my mission and the date when I finish. The 22nd of September.

Thats all folks!
Love ya.

Elder Rodriguez

Official Ministers card.

Donkey in the Streets.

I'm so famous it's crazy!

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