Monday, February 23, 2015

Email 02/23/2015 Changes!!!!!!!!

   Well changes came and went. But I'll leave that until the end to keep ya all on your toes.
   Anyway this week was pretty good I guess. Well the last P-day we didn't do much but I did buy a new Ecuador futbol shirt. I bought it from marathon sports and it usually costs $30 but I bought it for $6...... Good deal if I do say so myself haha.  Then for the majority of the week we were contacting doors left and right. I was seriously sick and tired of it but sometimes ya just gotta do it. Then on Wednesday we had our normal meetings but with a twist. So normally during our reunions we learn something then we do some practices. But when it was my turn to practice some random guy decides to walk in and ask about the church. So instead of doing just another practice I taught the guy infront of all the other missionaries.....I'm just a beast to teach I have to say its like watching a puppy being born, pure majic hahaha. But it was cool and he was a cool guy. So that was fun............................
    So that brings us to Friday. Well Friday I did some divisions with an elder in my zone named Elder Pinto (he's from Honduras). It was really fun actually because he served in one of the sectors that I served in, on the coast. He was telling me about all the people that I baptized there and some of the people that I helped return to the church. It was awesome to hear how well all of them were doing. Then  Saturday came and I went to my house. And I went with excitment in my heart to shower becuase I had'nt been able to shower in the other house. Then when we get to the house my companion tells me that he doesn't have the keys................We live on the second floor and the only other people that live in the house come home at night. So after 3 hours of doing everything possible to get in the owner of the house comes with some keys....They were the WRONG KEYS. So another hour passed and I just decide to climb the roof of one of the neighbors and and jump from there house to the roof of ours. My mom would be mad if she saw the distance in between the houses but I was desperate to shower. So I solved the problem. 
   Then that night we helped some missionaries with a baptism and I was asked by the bishopric to sing a solo during that...Not fun.
   Then sunday came, and not much happened on sunday.
   Then that brings us to the Changes. Well I didn't get changed anywere but my companion got changed and I'm so happy. Now my companion is Elder Garcia from Chile, and he's a pretty cool guy. So we are going to work super hard this change, thats the plan at least. 
  Oh and one of my old companions in this zone. Elder Cahaujaman got sent to the jungles with one of my other old companions, my beloved son Elder Valentine. I told Cahaujaman to not ruin Elder Valentine cuz he's a good missionary. Well thats all folks.
Love ya

Elder Rodriguez

View from the Top! 

In the distance in that Valley is the middle of the World, longitude & latitude 0'0. 

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