Monday, February 2, 2015

Email 02/02/2015 Among the Elect

Well this week was all good in Zion.
First off this week was a bit tough. This week consisted of many planned meetings that just didn't go so well. At the beginning of this week I had some divisions with an Elder Kimball (from Texas) and I had the best day planned and within the first hour of our divisions everything that I planned went to the dump. But being a Zone leader I had to come up with something fast. We went contacting ahh yeahh from door to door from rejection to rejection we had a long day hahah. No but we found a girl, we contacted her, she was interested and she accepted a baptismal date, so now we are working with that. Then in another missionaries sector we did an invasion (we went there to find people for them to teach) and it  was awful. During that time I did some more divisions with an Elder Perry (from Utah). And let me tell you he is a weird guy. Before the mission he used to live in Korea for 3 months every year to study. So he speaks Korean, English and Spanish now..... I need to step up my game a little bit haha. Anyway with him in the matter of 2 hours we talked with 48 people and not one wanted to listen to us. But we had fun and the spirit was there so I can't quite complain can I?  But after all the hard work of the week I think the Lord felt sorry for us because this sunday at church everysingle less active member came to church. #TenderMercies Then at church the weirdest thing happened. So during Sunday school I teach a class for all the new people, getting to know the church, known as Gospel Principles. The theme of the week was Charity and how we should love our neighbor. Well in the middle of the lesson one old guy raised his hand, so accordingly I let him talk. Bad Idea. He then stood up and pointed to the guy next to him and said, "For the past 10 years I have been the worst friend to this man right here and I would like to ask him for his forgiveness". Then  he gets down on one knee infront of the other old man and begs for his forgiveness with tears rolling down his face. I looked around me and everyone was crying and or with tears in there eyes. During that whole time I was just thinking, "What the heck is going on".

So that was my wierd experience for the week.

  Well this week I had a pretty cool experience. I got to spend an hour with Elder Craig Christenson of the Presidency of the Seventy. He came down here to Ecuador to talk to us, only for an hour but I learned alot. And he spoke really good spanish so that was a bonus.

 Now the last part worthy to note for this week is today. For P-day as a zone we had a huge waterballoon fight... Fun stuff, Oh and we ordered a bunch of pizzas again!.

Well love ya all
thats it 

P.S. no pics this week sorry

Elder Rodriguez

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