Monday, April 13, 2015

Email 04/13/2015 Where am I?

   Well I'm here now in a place called Calderon, its about a half an hour away from my last sector but it's super different. Here our sector it huge and it's all dirt.....Fun stuff...Well my companion is Elder Roberts (he's from Minnesota) He's an alright guy with only 2 months in the mission so he needs alot of my help. Luckly in my district I have Elder Leong (he used to be my companion in Imbabura), and Elder Urqueta (he was my first District leader but now I'm his leader). The district is pretty cool and the ward for the most part is pretty cool also. So now I'm getting used to everything here but I still miss my old sector a bunch. 
   Well I have to say that this week was filled with adventures.....First of one of the companionships had a baptism this week so we went over to the chapel to fill up the baptismal font. Now all of the baptismal fonts I have filled up before have a certain point were the water just stops.....Well this one didn't, and we left the water going for 4 hours. So when we returned with an hour left until the baptism we returned to a flooded church building.....Whoops! Anyway somehow we got the flooded church cleaned up just in time for the baptism and everything went according to plan. So now all the missionaries are joking around that that day we had 2 baptisms, one was a little old lady and the other was the church. 
   And as I got to my sector my companion expressed to me how he was really sad that they hadn't had anyone attending church for over 3 weeks and had nobody progressing toward a baptismal date. Well this week we found 11 new investigators, 8 of which attended church and 2 of which have a baptismal date for the 2nd of May. DOING WORK.
  Anyways I feel a little bit better now. So thanks for all the support. I'll send some pics.

Elder Rodriguez

Volcano in the distance. On a clear day in my sector we can see 3 Volcanos.

My new companion Elder Roberts and I. 

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