Monday, April 27, 2015

Email 04/27/2015 No More POOP!

  Well I have to say this week I don't have another story about pooping, sorry. But we did walk past the same area and they are now building a house in that same spot......I felt so embarrassed, because they had to have seen it and thought,"that's was no dog." Oh well that's life, sometimes you build your house in  poopy location. Anyways besides that this week was pretty good.
    My companion and I have been working really hard to find some new people and its going slow but I know the Lord has something prepared for us. Oh and my companion and I got hit by the giggles....... You know, when you start to laugh uncontrollably and can't stop, ya now you remember. So we were in a lesson with this one guy who recently had a serious eye surgery and we just bust out laughing....... AT NOTHING........My companion was laughing so hard that he had to leave the room for a while, then after a short time he came back. Unfortunately when he came back, he started back up again and had to leave the room once again. So in that lesson I pretty much taught the whole thing by myself but thats alright. That whole experience made me think of the times I was in church with my brother and we would start laughing uncontrollably. 
    Well honestly that's about all that has happened this week. Oh today as a district we went to hang out at this one members house. Man let me tell you this man is so rich. We were all playing pool, fusball, and we played soccer in his soccer field.....Yeah he has his own soccer field. It was fun.
Well thats all for this week folks.

Love ya bunches.

Elder Rodriguez

P.S: Had an experience with the 3 Nephites this week, but I'll let ya all know next week.....

My Zone....I'm short.

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