Monday, April 20, 2015

Email 04/20/2015 Here's a Poop Story for ya

    Well first off, I'm all good here. My companion and I are working very hard here in the sector and we are seeing alot of progress. Luckly my companion is a really good guy and we are always laughing while we are working. So that's all good.
    Okay so as embarrassing as it is I would like to share a ppo story with everyone. So the other day my companion and I went contacting and we were contacting well, with 2 new people and we were still going. Then suddenly as we were contacting one old man something just dropped in my stomach. A severe pain emerged from the darkest depths of my stomach and I instantly thought, "I need to poop NOW"... but unfortunately we were contacting a man and getting to know him the very first time so I knew I couldn't ask him for his bathroom. so I cut it short and started to walk as fast as I could. The distance from our house was about 20 minutes away sprinting....I thought about it, but decided I couldn't run at this crucial time or something would creep its way out. I looked frantically as I walked if there was any hope of a bathroom nearby..........There wasn't. So I yelled at my companion to hold on and wait as I jumped into a nearby cornfield.....Then I did my business and lets just say that World War 3 went down. Then while i was finishing up the thought entered in my mind. I DONT HAVE ANY PAPER!!!!!!!! So once again I looked around frantically, nothing but cornstock leaves and they have a bunch of splinters on them so that was a clear NO. I decided that I have to face the facts and use my hand.......No no that was a joke I would never use my hand hahahahah. But I did pull up my pants and waddled home with shame....
   Well tuat was my true story, sorry if it grossed you out but life is filled with ugly truths.
Anyway besides that everything is all good here. I'll send some picks.

LOVE YA ALL!!!!!!!

Elder Rodriguez 

P.S. We went bowling today...It was fun! 

Well I hope you can see but there is another Volcano in the distance, it's not the same one as the last time.   

Lunch time at a restaurant with my Companion.

Underwater shot with some of my district. 

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