Monday, May 11, 2015

Email 05/11/2015 Mother's Day

  Well HAPPY MOTHER'S Day to all those Mothers, Grandmothers and future Mothers out there. Hope you had a good one. Anyway it was good to talk to the family yesterday but I feel really trunkie (homesick) now hahaha. Only 18 weeks to go...........................
  Okay well here goes the update for this week. So Tuesday, and Wednesday were filled with traveling to the Hospital in Quito for my companion to have some check-ups. So that was rather boring....But the rest of the week we actually worked. This week consisted of us contacting most of the time so that wasn't too much fun, especially when we got rained on in the middle of nowhere, but its all apart of the adventure. And I truly think the Lord saw our efforts this week because we had so many investigators at church. We had 5 investigators who attended, 4 of which was a surprise so I figure we are doing something right. 
   And I had a really cool experience at church this week. So as I was sitting in our priesthood class, I got a call. Well I was in church so I figured it could wait. Well then they called again, and again. So I thought okay this has to be important so I stepped outside to take the call. It was the Cortez Familyfrom my  last sector and they called me to visit me at church. Its like a 2 hour drive and they came all that way just to see me. And plus I have no idea how they got my number (creepy). But it was awesome that they did that for me.
 Well thats all folks


Elder Rodriguez

New placs! One in Spanish and One in Kitchwa (my mission just recently band making these placs but I was the last one to get it)

Meet the Mormons comes to Ecuador.

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