Monday, May 18, 2015

Email 05/18/2015 Rise of the Second Son

Well this week was exciting. Oh and we had changes...........
   So for this last week Elder Roberts and I were working really hard to find some new people and fortunately we found in the process a new family. Its really amazing because the mom in the family just showed up at church on sunday....And I was like, who invited you (hahah no I'm kidding of course). so besides that she has told us that she believes everything we have taught without any doubts....So we are going to try to baptize her. Hopefully she accepts. 
   Yeah so now with changes. So I already knew going into changes that my companion Elder Roberts would be going, which he did. But what I didn't expect nor did I want was to train again. I figure that the first son was my "Beloved Son" so now I'm just waiting for the "Son of Perdition". So I'm going to have to go into Quito this following Thursday to get my new companion, (which as I was thinking,I'm  going to have less weeks left in the mission than he will have months....Oh that's nice). Yeah so in the mean time I am here with an Elder Mott who will be training also. He's from Texas and he is Huge. 
Anyways I'll let ya all know about my new companion next week. 

Love ya all 

Elder Rodriguez

P.S. Happy Birthday SHOUTOUT my cousin to Sophia (CHIPS) Sanders! 

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